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Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Tours - Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park Tours

Costa Rica Manuel Antonio ToursManuel Antonio Costa Rica is just south of Quepos on the Pacific Coast, 132 km from San Jose, this is one of the most exclusive National Park and Reserve System of Costa Rica which has a 682 hectare.

National Park impresses everyone but tourists who visit because of its diversity of flora and fauna, a beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters , a rain forest filled with a large number of species unique in the world symbol of great wildlife.

The principal habitants of Manuel Antonio National Park are primary forest, secondary forest, mangrove swamps, lagoons and beach vegetation you can also observe monkeys (howler, white face, and possibly squirrel monkeys), sloths and coatis. Also if you are very lucky you can see macaws.

Despite its size, Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica is one of the places most visited by foreign and domestic tourists (150,000 approx.)

A few years ago, the number of tourists was very large and abundant wildlife was in danger so that the government of Costa Rica had to regulate the amount of tourists visiting the park daily.

Nonetheless, the park is too small to sustain a healthy and viable population of certain animals. If the monkeys do not have access to areas outside the park, the population will decline because they cannot breed. Corridors that allow the animals´ access to areas outside the park have been taken up by hotels, so that the park has, in recent years, become an island. As a result, the squirrel monkey (mono titi) population is declining. Fortunately, in 2000, a decree was issued to triple the park´s size to just under 1800 hectares, almost tripling the size of the park.

Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Tours

Manuel Antonio Sport Fishing

Manuel Antonio Sport FishingSport Fishing in Manuel Antonio one of the most important sport fishing destinations in Costa Rica as well as one of the major fishing areas in all of Central America. is an adventure that visitors can enjoy throughout a full day, the fishing there is usually so good that you should not worry about not catching your fish, this is a feature that has the Manuel Antonio and Quepos coast, GOOD FISHING!

Sport Fishing in Manuel Antonio and Quepos is a great fishing spot all year round, with sailfish, the Marlins, Tuna, Snapper, Dorado, Jacks, Wahoo and Mackarels are just some of the different fish often caught.

You can follow the action steady on sails, as well as blue, black and striped marlin well into April, and very often throughout the summer, depending on conditions.

Inshore Manuel Antonio Sport fishing includes tuna, roosterfish, wahoo, dorado, jacks, mackerel, cubera, a variety of small snapper species and even snook can be taken trolling just outside the breaker line off the river mouths in the area, but are more often fished from shore.

Manuel Antonio Scuba Diving Tours

Manuel Antonio Sport FishingCosta Rica has been increasingly taking hold among divers around the world.

Home to an astounding 7,000 marine species or 3.5% of the planet´s total aquatic life Costa Rica´s incredible biodiversity attracts underwater explorers from all corners of the world making this spot some of the top diving destinations in Central America.

Manuel Antonio Quepos has now PADI dive shops that offer everything from diving to dive master and even courses such as PADI Rescue Diver certification.

Scuba Diving in Manuel Antonio offers a wide variety of scuba diving levels from dive master certification, as well as guided diving excursions to the best dive sites in the area.

In this scuba diving hotspot, divers can encounter Sea Turtles, White Tip and Reef Sharks, Octopus, Humpback Whales, Rays, Lobsters and an infinite variety of tropical fish.

Manuel Antonio Snorkeling Tours

Manuel Antonio Snorkeling ToursManuel Antonio Park, the most visited National Park in Costa Rica offers the best snorkeling opportunities and even a large sunken boat to view.

Although the water here can be a bit silty (it definitely isn't the crystal water of the Caribbean) you still should be able to see many interesting fish up close.

The coral reefs and submerged volcanic rocks of white-sand Playa Manuel Antonio create the perfect environment to enjoy a good time for snorkeling in Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio Surfing Tours

Manuel Antonio Surfing ToursManuel Antonio Beach is an exposed beach and point break that has quite reliable surf works best in offshore winds from the east northeast.

Groundswells more frequent than windswells and the best swell direction are from the south. Waves at the beach break both left and right Unlikely to be too crowded, even when the surf is up.

This is the perfect spot for your first surf travel experience.

The waves are good enough to actually give you practice in duck diving, getting up and going down the line. Just be wary of rips - they make surfing here dangerous.

Manuel Antonio Sea kayaking Tours

Manuel Antonio Sea kayaking ToursA relaxing trip along the coast of Manuel Antonio, passing near the islands and inlets, which are breeding places for many species of seabirds. Sea Kayak Manuel Antonio near the islands to view nesting areas for seabirds is a amazing experience if you are a nature lover.

Kayaking in the open ocean of Manuel Antonio can be a healthy and exciting way to see, to know and to be close to the marine and coastal wonders of the Pacific area of Costa Rica. Sea kayaking is easier than river kayaking, and most trips can be made by people who have never practiced this sport before.

Ocean Kayak Manuel Antonio can be an alternative for near to the large amount of life below and above the ocean surface, from flying fish and sea turtles to frigate birds and pelicans.

Manuel Antonio River Rafting Tours

Manuel Antonio River Rafting ToursExperience a trip of pure Costa Rican beauty, luxuriant vegetation, exploding whitewater for the adventuresome beginner and experienced rafter full of action. Along the way you will be astounded by the awesome canyons, waterfalls, and primary rainforest.

Taking some of the Manuel Antonio Whitewater Rafting tours there is a big chance to observe egrets, osprey, toucans, parrots, kingfishers, cormorants, and many other species local to this protected area of the primary tropical rain forest.

During the rainy season the rivers become big and continuous, providing hard-core whitewater excitement.

For the dry season the rivers become calmer, the water becomes sparkling clear and safer for families with young children.

Manuel Antonio Mountain Biking Tours

Manuel Antonio Mountain Biking ToursThe mountains and jungles of Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park provide ideal conditions for any level of mountain biking.

During the ride you can explore the hidden waterfalls, traverse rain forest trails and emotion in the glorious views of the mountain system in the area.

You will be amazed by the number of birds filled with stunning colors, mammals and other exotic animals on their journey biking tour. Mist-filled jungles, hidden waterfalls and views unworldly adventures await you full of adrenaline.

Manuel Antonio Horseback Riding Tours

Manuel Antonio Horseback Riding ToursCosta Rica is a perfect destination for adventure tours, climatic and physical conditions makes this ideal for small Central American country to live a memorable nature experience.

Horseback Riding has a double advantage of getting to remote places with great natural beauty and a very funny way of enjoying nature. You can enjoy a tour of Manuel Antonio Beach, appreciate the nature of a country blessed by its geographical position being the home of monkeys, tree frogs, lizards, butterflies, orchids and countless flora and fauna Other Fascinating.

Manuel Antonio Waterfall Tours

Manuel Antonio Waterfall ToursIf that is not enough to keep busy and have a good time to think about hiking through the jungle, bird watching, photographing monkeys, sloths and other wildlife, swim and explore mangrove forests and rocky islands?

Boredom does not exist in Manuel Antonio.

The question can not be what it should do, but what to leave out....

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