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Costa Rica Holiday Rentals is a company specialized in property management, vacation rentals, tourist transport, and tours, which was born in 2008 in Jacó, Costa Rica, with the promise of becoming a benchmark for the sector at a national and international level, something that to this day they have earned hard.

The idea of ​​this business was generated in the mind of its founder: Christian Salazar, a Costa Rican entrepreneur who without fear of success bet everything on a dream and the inspiration that caused a similar project in which he had worked for years before.

This is how Christian Salazar, with great enthusiasm and a suitcase full of hopes, dreams, and a desire to work hard, moved from the Costa Rican capital to Jacó, to launch an idea that years later became the engine that drove his family nucleus to join forces to consolidate the business project.

In the beginning, Costa Rica Holiday Rentals were only Christian and his brother Daniel Salazar, who, with two tourist transportation vans and eager to get ahead, started in the tourism business, offering tours and transportation to tourists.

The experience, talent, and consistency of these two young entrepreneurs led them to position themselves in a market where there is now a lot of competition. After several years of hard work, the business grew, allowing them to hire more staff and integrate more family members.

At present this company continues to be led by Christian Salazar, who together with his brother Daniel, his partner Hellen Morales, his nephew Sebastián and his collaborators, are the backbone that supports and makes the business grow step by step, confident and setting your own pace.

The success of Costa Rica Holiday Rentals and the nature of the business, opened the door for Christian Salazar to found his second company: Jaco Real Estate CR, a project created with the same vision and vocation of quality service to the highest level.

The growth of Costa Rica Holiday Rentals was not a stroke of luck, in addition to the multiple efforts of its owners and their collaborators, the support of investors was key, who from the first instance did not hesitate to trust this company and recommend it to new owners, that made the dream of two entrepreneurial brothers come true, who against all odds and without having a large capital managed to sculpt the foundations that today two solid companies support.

Good references and excellent customer service allowed Costa Rica Holiday Rentals to build a portfolio of properties and investors, currently, it continues to offer the same vacation rental services, tours, transportation, and property management, with the difference that now they have more than 13 years of experience that supports them, but always maintaining the passion, quality and desire to work that they injected into the project from its first day of existence.

Holiday Rentals and Jacó Real Estate are closely related since they share the same talent, the same dream of a family, and the same heart that drives them to be two competitive sister brands within their own market and that comply with the national and international standards demanded by its clients.

The high competitiveness and the multiple companies that exist in this sector do not scare Holiday Rentals, their ability to exceed any expectation by providing a unique and quality hospitality experience to their guests from all over the world, makes them make a difference.

In the short term, Christian Salazar and his team have considered expanding the operations of Holiday Rentals and venturing further into the real estate industry, to become the most competitive 100% Costa Rican capital company in the local market, maintaining the “pura vida” that characterizes them.

Perseverance, conviction, consistency, self-learning, teamwork, passion, love for what they do, treating their clients as friends, ethics, and constant staff training have been key factors that have led to a small company that came out of nowhere to fly like the phoenix to achieve the success that Christian and Daniel Salazar longed for.


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