Costa Rica has the best beach in the world

Author: Estela Reyes
7 January, 2023

Costa Rica has one of the best treasures in the world, it is the beautiful Playa Conchal, located in the province of Guanacaste, which was rated the best beach in the world by Big 7 Travel.

In its annual publication of “The 50 Best Beaches in the World”, Big 7 Travel ranked Costa Rica in the number 1 position with Conchal beach, which is undoubtedly a little piece of paradise on the Costa Rican Pacific coast.

Conchal also stood out in EnjoyTravel magazine, where it is highlighted as the most beautiful beach in the world, above tourist destinations such as the Bahamas, Hawaii, Jamaica, Abu Dhabi and California.

For this selection, those in charge took into account the voting of users and travelers, social networks, as well as the fact that this Tico destination has an ecological blue flag, a distinction that is given to beaches that make an effort to conserve his, her nature.
Conchal is a brilliant white beach that is adorned with small broken shells and coral along its entire coast.

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The crystallineness of its waters that mixes with all the marine biodiversity makes the place a true paradise of wonderful turquoise blue and a totally virgin destination waiting to be discovered.

The waves on this beach are super calm, making it ideal for family outings. With clear skies almost all year round, it is the perfect setting to capture the best sunsets.

“There’s no getting around it, Costa Rica is the most popular destination to visit right now. Not only does it offer amazing biodiversity, this eco-friendly destination boasts one of the best beaches in the world. This small beach is covered in crushed seashells, wrapped around a turquoise bay. A Paradise”, stand out in the description of Conchal located in the ranking.

Conchal is a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists looking to relax and enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters and relax on the sand. The beach has a lot of shade thanks to the leafy trees that surround it. It’s perfect for spending the day, barbecuing, reading a book, listening to music, or sitting back and watching the waves and the soothing sound of the ocean.

In Conchal and its surroundings there are different accommodation options: from hotels, villas and luxury houses to cheaper options that allow you to enjoy such a wonderful place.

Visitors can also enjoy various activities on the beach, such as snorkeling, fishing, jet ski excursions, kayaking or simply discovering the place.

This beach is a true oasis of peace, perfect to recharge your batteries for a weekend, forget about the stress and tension of everyday life and enjoy the magic that Costa Rica has to offer the whole world.

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