Costa Rica will give a one year visa to digital workers

Author: Estela Reyes
5 July, 2022

Costa Rica busca atraer a trabajadores digitales

The Government of Costa Rica inaugurated on Monday the regulations for Law 10,008, “Law to Attract Remote Workers and Providers of International Services”, which seeks to attract digital nomads to the country.

The regulation was signed by Rodrigo Chaves, President of the Republic, William Rodríguez, Minister of Tourism; Jorge Torres, Minister of the Interior and Police and Nogui Acosta, Minister of Finance.

Rodrigo Chaves affirmed that this migratory condition would allow the national economy to generate ₡15 million annually through the consumption that digital nomads make in the country.Hoteles en Jacó

“The Law allows foreign workers to offer digital services remotely and to settle in the country with a visa for a period of one year, receiving benefits such as not paying income tax or import tax on equipment. necessary for their work. These people must have a minimum income of $3,000 if they travel alone and $4,000 if they travel with their families,” reported the Presidential House.

For his part, William Rodríguez, Minister of Tourism, explained that there are at least 35 million digital nomads globally and that 50% come from the United States, the main market for issuing tourists to Costa Rica.

“If Costa Rica received 0.25% of that amount, we would be talking about the fact that only for that income and taking into account nothing more than the $3,000 that is the basic amount of entry into the country, we would be having an income of around $3,125 million. annual. Nothing despicable,” said the president.

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The regulation will enter into force as of its publication in La Gaceta.

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