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Jaco Surfing
9 April, 2019

Jaco is the best place to enjoy in Costa Rica.


Surfing has to be on this list as it’s the top thing to do in Jaco. Since this beach is said to be one of the best for beginners due to the long consistent waves, don’t miss out on taking a surf lesson or joining a surf camp.

Waterfall Tour

There are many waterfalls near Jaco, Costa Rica. Right outside town lies lush mountains, home to many rivers and waterfalls.

We did a Jaco waterfall tour with Costa Rica waterfall tours  a few years ago which took us to those waterfalls right outside town. We got to trek through the pristine rainforest, jump off waterfalls and swim in the pools!

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Miro Mountain View Point

Head to Miro Mountain for an amazing viewpoint of Jaco. It’s an abandoned building a little bit outside the south end of Jaco up in the mountains. They have closed the road so you can’t drive up there anymore however. You will have to park your car and hike up. It’s a gorgeous view but quite a bit of a steep hike so not recommended for anyone who cannot walk for long periods of time or have trouble walking on non-groomed steep paths.

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