Visit Garabito to help its population recover after the floods

Author: Estela Reyes
18 November, 2022

On October 17, the county of Garabito experienced an unprecedented natural disaster. All the communities, including its iconic city and a benchmark for world tourism: Jacó, were completely flooded, causing great economic losses for the local population and businesses.

This natural disaster occurred while local residents and businesses were struggling to survive the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic recession, and the low season for international tourism.

Mar Arena, condo frente al mar en Jacó

Despite the fact that the recovery has been gradual and the effects of this disaster are still being felt both by the population and in businesses, hopes of recovery are not lost, which is why we are now preparing to invite and receive all Costa Ricans in our county.

Given the lack of international tourism due to multiple factors, such as the high cost of air tickets, etc., the support of our Costa Rican brothers is key, since we are a canton that lives on tourismYour visit to Garabito can ensure that a Costa Rican family keeps their job, that a business is not forced to close, that your family can enjoy warm and happy days on the beach, away from all the stress of the city.Selva Coral Jacó un proyecto residencial cerca del bosque y el mar

After almost a month of those catastrophic images of our communities and cities on the water’s edge that went around the country and the entire world, we are once again ready to receive them.

Clean streets, paradisiacal beaches, complete harmony with nature, a wide gastronomic offer, countless outdoor activities to enjoy with friends and family, and the best accommodations in the central Pacific are waiting for visitors.

Unity is strength and during this hard moment that we are facing, our canton showed its kinder side, sheltering the homeless, supporting each other and sharing with those most in need, but in order to continue we need a boost, which can only be given if we have visitors.

Así quedó Jacó por las inundaciones del 17 de octubre.

Currently all our tourist communities suffer from the absence of visitors and we understand that there are still a few months left until the high season arrives, but the floods and all the losses caused caused an economic imbalance between businesses and the population.

Faced with this situation, many workers fear losing their jobs, while others try to survive the cut in working hours, which translates into less income for their families. For these reasons, we invite all Ticos to support us. How to do it? Visiting our canton.

While you enjoy a few happy days with your family, you will be helping a local family keep their job, be able to bring food to their homes and prevent more businesses from dying.

Condo en Los Sueños, Herradura

We know the great heart that our country has, for this reason we are sure that they will attend to the call of our people. We are waiting for you soon, it will be a pleasure to receive you.


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