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Carara National Park Tours


Guided tour to the Carara National Park, conservation area of Carara lies 15 miles north of Jaco. The park protects the river basin of the River Tárcoles, near Orotina and includes one of the largest remaining populations of wild Scarlet Macaw in the country. Also contains more primary rain forest than the relatively close Manuel Antonio National Park. The dense tree growth makes Carara a haven for many bird species, and the park is a popular bird watching destination. In addition to Scarlet Macaws, birds found in Carara include orange-chinned parakeets and other parrots, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, motmots, jacamars, manakins, ant birds, and several species of trogon, including the black-throated trogon. Several species of water birds inhabit the park as well. These include the anhinga, several species of heron, several species of egret and kingfishers.

Includes: Park entrance fee, Transportation round trip, bilingual naturalist guide, bottle of water.

Recommendations: Comfortable

Clothes, sneakers, sun glasses, bugs repellent and camera.


Carara National Park Tours