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Costa Rica Birding Tours Jaco


“Birding is an outdoor activity suitable for all ages. Immerse yourself amongst the Costa Rican wildlife, and get a closer look at various species of birds and animals as you trek through some of the area’s most biodiverse animal habitats! If you look closely, you may even see an Ocelot passing by, or an anteater dormant amongst the forest branches.
Costa Rica Nature Journey is comprised of knowledgeable, educated guides who provide each participant with excellent binoculars, field guide, and check list to ensure that you get the most out of your birding journey!

Who says birding is just for retirees? Birding has become the fastest growing outdoor activity worldwide! This family friendly tour begins in Herradura Bay and brings you all the way to Hermosa Beach. This slow paced tour is suitable for both children and physically restricted individuals. Walk through abandoned meadows, thick forested areas, and some of the region’s most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in order to get a look at our most colorful, feathery friends!

Inspiring thousands of worldwide visitors, our passionate and knowledgeable team with over 30 years of experience will pick you up at 6am. Learn basic birdwatching technique and ethics as you travel along the Pacific Coast, stopping to observe areas where motmots, trogons, ant birds, herons, hawks and parrots co-exist! In Hermosa Beach, a world renowned surf spot, we will look for macaws, falcons, spoonbills, elusive migrant birds and more! This is a 4.5 hour tour suitable for all people over the age of 10 with the ability to walk at a slow pace. It is an excellent way to see the region’s most beautiful birds and wildlife alongside a local, experienced birdwatcher.
Let’s go explore!”

Costa Rica Birding Tours Jaco