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Surf Lessons Jaco Beach


Do you ever wonder why so many people change their lifestyle in order to live near some of the best surf in the world? It’s not just about catching waves. It’s about connecting with the ocean; mind, body and soul. We want to not only teach you how to catch your own waves, but how to appreciate the ocean for all of it’s wonder. There’s nothing better than hitting the beach with family and friends to enjoy the sun and catch a few great waves! Now you can do it too!

Our fully bilingual and lifeguard/first aid certified instructors with teach you everything from the on land basics, to catching a wave by yourself! You’ll learn about how to stay safe and have fun in the ocean waves. Our motto is, “Safety First!”

During your 1 hour and 45 minute lesson you will gain safety and on land basic training, surf in the white water (smaller waves not far from shore), surf etiquette, paddling techniques, and learn how to stand up and ride a wave. After a couple of beginner lessons, you’ll be ready to move on to intermediate classes. We have classes for all levels of surfers. Come and join us! Surf’s up dude!

Surf Lessons Jaco Beach